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The Best Skincare for Acne – Dos and Don’ts

best skincareDo you ever feel helpless to do anything about your acne? Join the 40 to 50 million Americans who deal with this same problem every day.

The truth is–although you may feel helpless–you are not helpless.

If you deal with acne every day, here are the best skincare tips for eliminating acne and preventing future breakouts and scarring.

Don’t: Wash to Hard or Often

One of the causes of acne is clogged pores, it’s true. But scrubbing your skin with a harsh cleanser several times a day isn’t the best skincare, and it could make your problem worse.

Washing frequently or with harsh chemicals damages your delicate skin cells and dries out your skin. This reduces your skin’s ability to fight infections. Plus, it just won’t look as healthy. Dermatologists recommend washing no more than twice a day with warm water and a mild soap made just for people with acne.

Don’t: Pop Pimples

Popping pimples seems like a great way to get rid of acne, but it actually makes the problem worse. When you squeeze a pimple, bacteria–which caused the pimple to form–gets pushed further down into your skin. This causes the redness, swelling, and infection to get worse and spread. Popping pimples also causes scars to form and these will last long after your acne has cleared.

Don’t: Wear Tight Clothes

If your acne problem has spread to places other than your face, avoid wearing clothes that are tight and don’t breathe well. They can irritate your skin and prevent it from healing as quickly.

Do: Wash Makeup off Your Face Before Sleeping

Leaving makeup on your skin overnight is a great way to clog pores and trigger acne. Makeup can also transfer to your pillow, so every time your face touches the pillow it’s re-exposed to pore-clogging dirt and oil.

Since you should only wash your face twice a day, make sure one of those times is right before you go to bed. Clean all the makeup off your face, but scrub gently in the process. It’s also a great idea to wash your pillowcase at least once a week. For the best skincare, wash it every two days.

Do: Use Noncomedogenic Skincare Products

Look for the words “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” on the label of a makeup product before you buy it. These types of products won’t clog your pores and they’re better for acne-affected skin. If your old makeup doesn’t look the way it did when you bought it, throw it away.

Do: Use an Acne Treatment

best skincareAcne is the most common skin problem in the US, but this isn’t the saddest statistic. What’s saddest is that acne is completely treatable, but most people don’t use the available treatments.

Acne treatments can unclog pores, kill bacteria, nourish and moisturize, and protect skin from damage and toxins. You don’t have to use a prescription treatment either. Natural treatments are very effective and a lot safer for your skin.

One example of a great acne treatment is Therapores. It is loaded with natural ingredients that eradicate acne, moisturize, and give your skin the best skincare of its life.

Easy, Yet Effective!

While reading through the 6 best skincare tips, you may have noticed how easy they are. Well, don’t be fooled by the simplicity! If used every day, these dermatologist-recommended tips are very effective and they put the power to do something about acne back into your hands.

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