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Blemish Comedone Control Serum Review

Being able to keep skin clear and free of blemishes is a goal that many from the ages of 12 to 24 strive for. One of the biggest obstacles of keeping clear skin is fighting and clearing up comedones, or blackheads and white heads. Blemish Comedone Control Serum is a product developed in India to help combat comedones.

Though Blemish Comedone Control Serum is targeted toward those that have darker complexions that are common to India, it works for many different types of complexions.

Blemish Comedone Control Serum Ingredients

Blemish Comedone Control Serum takes advantage of extracts from natural ingredients to help smooth away rough skin, decrease irritation, and fight the bacteria that create comedones. These ingredients include:

Kudzu Extract–this is an extract used in many different types of medicines. Though it treats several ailments, it is sometimes used for smoothing skin or reducing skin irritation.
Burdock Extract–this extract is also used for skin healing. Many use it as a salve for burns, but it is also useful for rough or unhealthy skin.
Chamomile Extract–while this ingredient is widely known for use in teas and as a stress reliever, it is often used as a treatment for skin rash.
Rosemary–using this natural herb in the serum is helpful because it is known for its anti-bacterial qualities and ability to fight the formation of comedones.
Tea Tree Oil–many serums and skin care products use this oil both for its anti-bacterial qualities as well as a more natural and gentle alternative to benzoyl peroxide.

Use and Instructions

Each complexion is different. Some are oily in certain areas and dry in others, and some have the same amount of moisture throughout. Because complexions are different the areas affected by acne are different.

Acne can show up on the face, neck, back, arms, and so forth. Blemish Comedone Control Serum works to clear up blemishes and comedones on all these areas.

Using the Blemish Comedone Control Serum is a simple process and similar to many other types of serums. Basically, you apply a thin layer of serum over the affected areas. Since the serum is runny, it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin.


While researching the serum, we found no particular price listed for Blemish Comedone Control Serum. We did find that each bottle of Blemish Comedone Control Serum comes in a 25 ml size. The manufacturer recommends consulting a dermatologist before starting to use the Serum, though it does not mention whether Blemish Comedone Control Serum requires a prescription.

If you are looking for an effective way to treat blemishes and fight comedone formation, we suggest looking into Blemish Comedone Control Serum. Though it does work as advertised, it is important to use it as your dermatologist recommends and only on the areas they suggest.

Consumers who used Blemish Comedone Control Serum found that if they did not follow their dermatologist’s instructions or failed to use the serum on a daily basis, their results were far less noticeable than if Blemish Comedone Control Serum was used as directed.

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