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Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit Review

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit is the combination of 5 major Mario Badescu products, claiming to help you to get the optimal acne fighting benefits that others simply do not provide.

They say that Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit will work to quite literally transform your skin.It comes from a company founded by industry leading esthetician Mario Badescu, who created a skincare line to be simple, effective, and safe.

About Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit

Was Mario Badescu ever qualified to create his own skincare line? It’s debatable. Obviously, he does not have a background in medical research or clinical studies. But an esthetician’s job is to perfect skin and enhance beauty.

Why Kits Are Superior

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit sells all its pieces individually. But kits increase the likelihood of acne fighting success. Why? Because kits target several of the major causes of acne breakouts instead of just one. Most consumers find that a cleanser may work, but they still have random or stubborn acne breakouts. Others use a toner, but it can be drying and does not necessarily have a cleansing effect. When you combine several pieces, you ideally cover all of your bases.

How Does Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit Work?

The Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit uses 5 primary pieces, supposedly meant to target even stubborn acne. They suggest that you use the cleanser first, spreading a thin layer of the cucumber lotion across the face after drying the skin. You can follow this with the drying cream or drying lotion. But the mask should be used as needed, generally as a spot treatment for stubborn breakouts.

Helpful & Active Acne Fighters

The Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit’s key ingredient is salicylic acid, a drying agent and beta hydroxy acid. It sheds away dead skin cells, and while some experience a tingling effect with some dryness and other side effects, it does unclog pores, allowing them to breathe and flush out bacteria and harmful toxins. They also use sulfur, which is well known for its healing and bacteria fighting effects.

But because they do not list these ingredients until the latter stage of any acne fighting product, we can tell that they do not use more than 1%, when salicylic acid requires 2% and sulfur requires at least 5%.

Other Ingredients in Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit

The large majority of the ingredients in the Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit are not acne fighters. They do have hyaluronic acid, a natural and light moisturizer. But most of the ingredients are fillers and preservatives. They can break down healthy skin cells, causing redness, irritation, and most importantly a higher propensity toward future acne breakouts.

Is Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit Safe?

Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit has salicylic acid, which is known for drying out skin while causing burning, itching, redness, and irritation. It also has ingredients like titanium dioxide, propylene glycol, and other preservatives that increased sensitivity to the sun, redness, irritation, allergic reactions, and according to some studies, respiratory distress and lung cancer in rats.


Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit portrays themselves as a product on the cutting edge of leading technology and natural acne fighting. But in truth, all but 3 of the ingredients in Mario Badescu Acne Control Kit do not fight acne. But they can cause skin damage and irritation.

They do not have any ingredients that would counteract this effect or any that would nourish the skin.The active ingredients they do have are used in only small and insufficient amounts, and salicylic acid despite this, is more likely to cause dryness and other signs of irritation. The good news is that there are better options available.

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