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TetraClear Review

TetraClear claims to be the ultimate formula that will help you to lose weight and achieve greater results.

They claim that you can get the clear skin you’ve been waiting for while using 3 simple steps, natural botanicals, and a fresh citrus scent with a blend “professionally formulated in the USA.” Will TetraClear really be effective? Let’s find out.

About TetraClear

We often find that those products that have to focus on the idea that they are manufactured in the United States have nothing else to offer. This being said, we did look into it. The first red flag is the fact that they have a “free trial offer.” This sometimes means that they have a product that isn’t worth the bottles it’s packaged in.

It also means that they charge you an extreme amount for this product, more than enough to not only cover the first month they give you for “free”, but also subsequent months. This being said, they tend to give you somewhere between 7 and 21 days from the day that you actually receive it before they start sending these out and charging you for them, and in this case, there is no money back guarantee at all.

In this case, they charge you about $78.23.

TetraClear Ingredients

So what’s the formula made out of? What makes it so special? They use 2% salicylic acid. 2% salicylic acid can be found in just about every other acne solution out there, really it can. It is a hydroxy acid that causes the skin’s extra layers to peel away.

TetraClear Side-Effects

It has not been associated with side effects. However, it has also not been associated with extreme results, let alone the 10 day results that they talk about.We would not recommend bothering with Tetraclear and essentially speaking wasting your time and money.


It doesn’t actually give you any outstanding results, and we honestly doubt that it will give you any results at all. It has one very common ingredient, and they ask for a ridiculous price to say the least. You would never pay around $80 for an acne product if you saw it up front, right? So we would definitely suggest finding something else.

TetraClear User Reviews

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    stress. there is stress heppaning in a persons body even if they arent feeling stressed. stress can actually shift your bodies natural rythem causing a slew of health issues. it depends on your genes , dna ,pore size and your bodies exfoliation cell turnover. dirt? i dont know .i know make up is the worst. if you sleep in it you’ll for sure have pimples and premature aging.

    October 8, 2012 at 6:29 pm

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