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The Truth About Acne Myths

Acne is an annoying problem that everyone has to deal with–whether it’s a constant worry for you or something that only pops up every once in a while.

Everyone has their own methods for treating their individual acne problems: specific nighttime rituals, different brands of acne products, etc.

Each person has also undoubtedly heard a bunch of myths claiming to successfully eliminate acne, some of which are completely outlandish while others actually sound pretty reasonable.

Here is the truth about three of the most common acne myths!

Increased Sun Exposure Will Help Get Rid of Acne

Verdict: FALSE
Excessive tanning will not help clear up your skin–it will only make it worse. A tan may temporarily hide the redness of your acne, but whenever the sun changes your skin color–even if it’s a tan and not a sunburn–it is an indication of sun damage. Sun-damaged skin is much, much weaker than protected skin and is more susceptible to acne-causing bacteria.

In addition, over-exposure to the sun is very drying on your skin. Dryness causes more acne, since once your body realizes how dry your skin is, it will start producing more oils, which will clog your pores.

Even those these are all bad consequences of over-exposure to the sun, none of them are nearly as dangerous as skin cancer, the risk of which is extremely high when you spend a lot of unprotected time in the sun. To avoid all of these problems, make sure to apply sunscreen and to buy products that have SPF among their ingredients, like certain moisturizers and makeup.

Stress Causes Acne

Verdict: TRUE
During times of duress, the body produces the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the oil-producing sebaceous glands in the body. This excess oil finds its way to your pores and clogs them right up, manifesting itself in annoying acne breakouts.

How can you fight the stress and thus beat your breakouts? Let yourself really calm down during periods of stress. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep and drinking a good amount of water so your body feels healthy even while your mind is going crazy. Also, set aside a bit of time to do fun activities that will give a little enjoyment during these stressful times, like reading a book for fun or watching a movie.

Popping Pimples Makes Them Go Away Faster

Verdict: FALSE
This is one of the most common–and yet most untrue–of all the acne myths. Not touching your zits is essentially one of the most basic and yet most important rule to follow in regards to acne. Squeezing a zit makes the bacteria within it go even deeper down into your skin, making the zit last even longer as well as look redder and more swollen.

The best remedy for a particularly annoying pimple is definitely not to squeeze or pop it; instead, put a strong benzoyl peroxide treatment on it and distract yourself with something fun so that you won’t think about your zit anymore. You can also visit to get even more tips on how to eliminate zits quickly and effectively.

Use Your New Wisdom

There you have it–the truth behind some of the most common acne myths. Take your new knowledge and enjoy clearer skin!

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